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The download procedures were tested on Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers.  Download procedures may vary when using other browsers.  Please print out this instructions page before downloading the patch file.

Before beginning to download the patch file, you should know the sub-directory where EQS 5.2 for Windows is installed.  Knowing the EQS directory will make the process easier.

Download Procedures:

  1. Click on the highlighted EQS for Windows 5.2 to 5.6 Patch File, a dialog box should appear.
  2. Select the - Save on Disk - option on the confirmation dialog box.  You need to specify the EQS directory (i.e. C:\EQS) as the target directory of the patch file.
  3. After download is complete, you will get a file called 52TO56.EXE in the EQS directory. The size of the patch file is 739,260 bytes.

Extract EQS 5.6 for Windows Patch Files:
EQS 5.6 for Windows patch file contains a single self-expandable file.  You need to expand the patch files before it can be applied to EQS.

  1. Go to the subdirectory where EQS for Windows 5.2 is installed (i.e. C:\EQS).
  2. To expandthe patch file, go to DOS prompt and type: C:\EQS>52TO56. The patch file will be expanded to PATCH.EXE, PATCH.RTD, and PATCH.RTP files

Applying Patches to EQS:
To apply the patches to EQS 5.6 for Windows, please do the following: (All the commands are in DOS mode)

  1. Make a backup copy of DMAS.EXE and EQS.EXE.
    Future patches will be based on the original distribution version of DMAS.EXE and EQS.EXE.
  2. Type PATCH at the C:\EQS> prompt.  You have to wait a few minutes for patching to be complete
  3. Test the programs.  Your version of EQS for Windows will be upgraded from 5.2 to 5.6.
    Please go back to MS Windows, double click on the EQS 5 for Windows icon, click on File/About to bring up the About Box.  You will see the new version number as well as our new e-mail address and web site announcement.
  4. Delete patch files. They are 52TO56.EXE, PATCH.EXE, PATCH.RTD, and PATCH.RTP

Please take a few minutes to read the README file to learn about the changes.  This patch allows EQS to read SPSS for Windows system files (*.SAV).


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